TOP ROPE: the New Generation Project Podcast

TOP ROPE is OneFALL’s new feature article series, highlighting some of my favourite wrestling-based things around the world, be it wrestlers, websites, games, movies or anything in between.

The Internet wrestling community is filled with blogs, fansites, video series, meme pages, and podcasts dedicated to showing the best (or more often, worst) of wrestling throughout the ages, from the Golden Age of Hulkamania to today’s New Era.

Some have become well known throughout the wrestling community, such as Maffew’s Botchamania, a series of videos showcasing the best botches around the world. Maffew’s Official Botchamania Fanpage on Facebook has over 99 000 followers, and produces some of the funniest wrestling content on the Internet. also hosts a number of other podcasts, with one of my personal favourites being The New Generation Project Podcast.

NGPP is a UK-based podcast focusing on the period between the two most popular eras of wrestling, the “dark ages of the WWF, the mid 90s”. It is hosted by Stewart Brookes, who is joined by Paul Scrivens and Adam Wykes, who discuss, among other things, mullets, Alan Partridge, cricket, movies, and (occasionally) wrestling!

I really enjoy their conversational style, the banter between the three friends and their off-topic ramblings. I also really admire Stewart’s dedication to researching the events, the wrestlers, and the backgrounds of anything that stands out.

They’ve produced 74 episodes so far, and are releasing their 75th episode next week. Stewart, Adam and Paul will be focusing on 1997’s WWF Badd Blood: In Your House, the debut of the Hell in a Cell match, pitting the Undertaker against Shawn Michaels.

I highly suggest you check these guys out, as they are very entertaining as well as informative. As someone who didn’t even start watching wrestling until well past the Attitude Era, it’s great to find a podcast that explains a time not often covered, and does so in such an enthralling way.

Check out The New Generation Project Podcast on FacebookTwitter, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

Are there any other podcasts we should check out? Or anything else wrestling-related?
Let us know in the comments!


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