OUTSIDER’S EDGE: Jay Hunter – ‘Dixie Carter will no longer own TNA’

OUTSIDER’S EDGE is a series of other people’s blogs and articles, along with some background to their topic. Hey, if you can’t beat them..

Check out this article from OSW Review‘s Jay Hunter regarding the recent TNA lawsuit and how that effects the leadership within the company: http://oswreview.com/the-state-of-tna/


Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was once the biggest competition for the powerhouse that is WWE. TNA has bred some of the greatest wrestlers of today, including the current WWE World Champion AJ Styles and former NXT champion Samoa Joe.

They have also reinvigorated older characters, such as Team 3-D (or the Dudley Boys) and, most notably today, the now-#BROKEN Matt Hardy (along with Je- I mean, Brother Nero).

However, in recent years, under the leadership of then-President Dixie Carter, TNA has experienced a number of financial issues. Over the last few years, many reports have been made suggesting that the company will close its door. As of yet, that is still not the case.

Furthermore, issues such as talent not being paid (or not being paid enough) have also cropped up, although most of these are unfounded. For example, in an interview with internet radio show Pancakes and Powerslams, former TNA star Mr Anderson stated that “there was a time when [he] did not get paid for three months”.

More recently, former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan had supported TNA, investing into their main product, Impact Wrestling, and was eventually made TNA President. This moved Carter into the position of Chairwoman and Chief Strategic Officer.

This was not the case for long, however, as recently Corgan sued TNA , as explained in this article from Cageside Seats. As a result, Corgan has been made to step down, leaving the company in new hands.

To have this explained, check out this blog post from OSW Review‘s Jay Hunter, who explains the basics of what is happening with TNA: http://oswreview.com/the-state-of-tna/

(And while you’re at it, check out their reviews of Old School Wrestling!)


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