One on One: w/ Davey Green

Riot City Wrestling is one of South Australia’s (and even Australia’s) best wrestling promotions, with a talented roster who give it their all every show. No-one exemplifies this better than Davey Green.

Despite only standing at 5’10 and weighing 75kg, Green made a name for himself in Riot City as one half of S.M.A.S.H, before unmasking earlier this year. Since then, though, he’s had an excellent singles run, almost winning the Riot City Rumble and participating in the titular match at Key to the City. Take into consideration he’s only just finished high school, and those are some pretty impressive feats.

I got the opportunity to ask Davey a number of questions, about his career so far, how he got into wrestling, and what he hopes for the future.

First of all, describe yourself in three words.
Underdog, Cruiserweight, Young – the 3 things I feel I bring to the ring every show.

How did you first begin watching wrestling?
Weirdly enough, full credit goes to my former next door neighbour. He introduced me to wrestling during the Ruthless Aggression era, so since about 2007 my life became revolved around the sport of pro wrestling. Watching local independent promotions like EPW Adelaide and Riot City only fuelled the fire for me, and I finally stepped into the ring in 2013. Watching guys like Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and others helped shape the wrestler I’ve become.

How did you start your own wrestling career?
In April of 2013, I attended a tryout at the Riot City Wrestling Academy, in a class with Dean Brady and Josie. Since then, I’ve been training three nights a week with little time of, except for school and a few knee injuries.

What has been your favourite match you’ve participated in this year, and why?
This year has been a huge success, as I’ve pushed my way out of the mid-card and I’m slowly pushing towards the upper card. This presented me with opportunities like my first ladder match, making the final two in the Rumble, and main eventing the majority of the live events held at our academy for the year. My favourite match I’ve had this year goes down as my Mask vs. Mask no-DQ match against the very skilled RCW Tag Team Champions, the Rude Ones (Bulldog McKenzie & Marvel). My first semi-main event, my first stipulation and one of the biggest learning experiences ever. That night gave me the opportunity to step up to the plate, and I think we all did that night and we gave the crowd something special. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

What has been your favourite match you’ve watched this year, and why?
The most memorable night this year would have to be when Brad Smyth won the RCW Title, after what was a classic between Chris Basso & Brodie Marshall in a non-title fight. The emotions were at an all-time high when Brad cashed in his Key to the City. Even though he only held it for a month, the rollercoaster of emotions that night will never be forgotten. It will always go down as a fond RCW memory.

Who is your dream opponent (or opponents) and why?
Australia is lucky enough to have some amazing talent still in the country. This year I was able to tick a few guys off that list, working the likes of Jonah Rock, Elliot Sexton and Nick Armstrong, to say a few. I hope next year to work guys like Robbie Eagles, Damien Slater, and Adam Brooks. These are all guys I grew up watching and it would mean the world to me to able to step in the ring with such talents as these guys are.

What do you do enjoying doing, outside of wrestling?
I just finished high school, so right now I’m catching up on sleep. Sadly, I don’t really have a plan going forward.

What do you see for yourself in the next year?
Next year, I’d love to evolve my persona more, and work more throughout Australia. This year, my time limited me from traveling and competing across the country. I’d love to change that next year, so watch out for Davey Green.

Davey Green will be at Supanova this weekend with AWF, and will be at RCW’s final show of the year, Battle for Supremacy on December 3. You can follow Davey Green on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of Davey Green? Who should we go One on One with next? Let us know in the comments!


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