RCW: ‘World Class’ return at ‘MegaSlam’

In the main event of an unpredictable night of Riot City Wrestling action, after being on the shelf for months, former RCW Champion, ‘World Class’ Chris Basso, made his return at MegaSlam 2017.

The night kicked off with a tightly contested match between Cadie Tré and Zak Sabbath. While Tré capitalised with a fierce chomp to Sabbath’s inner thigh, the Dark Prince caught Tré off-guard with the Poison Mist, before planting him with a piledriver for the three-count.

DARK OPENING: Zak Sabbath picks up the victory in the opening match of MegaSlam 2017. (Source: Tom Mitchard, 2017)

Next, RCW Women’s Champion Demi Bennett addressed the Riot City fans. Bennett announced she will defend her title in her final RCW match, facing Kellyanne on 22 April at Strength Cup, with the intention of taking her Women’s Title to the WWE Performance Center. Later in the night, General Manager Tom Byrne stated this will be the main event of the 22 April show.

Vale Tudo Jr. faced half of the newly-formed Savage Gentlemen‘Big’ Brodie Marshall, with partner Tyler Daniels at ringside. After extending a handshake to Tudo Jr., Marshall booted the luchador before sending him crashing to the mat with a sidewalk slam.

With each man exchanging clotheslines and suplexes (as well as an illegal choke by Daniels on the apron), all but seemed lost for Tudo Jr. when Marshall set him up for the Pop-Up Powerbomb. However, he reversed the devastating hold into a guillotine choke! Unfortunately, Marshall broke free of the hold and hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the win.

The ‘Savage Gentlemen’ then beat down the luchador, until Nick Armstrong made the save, setting the scene for his match against Tyler Daniels. Armstrong delivered some powerful knees to the ‘Key to the City’ winner, but ‘The Difference’ and his fellow ‘Savage Gentleman’ got the upper-hand with some sneaky tactics. While Armstrong managed to hit Daniels with a jumping Cutter, Marshall managed to distract the official, while Daniels was able to deliver his End of the Line flatliner.

Armstrong, however, was able to get his foot on the ropes before the three-count, and caught ‘The Difference’ in the Sharpshooter. Before long, though, Marshall managed to distract the referee again, allowing Daniels to hit Armstrong with the End of the Line, picking up the second win of the night for the ‘Savage Gentlemen’.

Making his debut in the following match was Tuffy Calhoon. Hailing from ‘Down the Pub’, the brawler was slated to go one-on-one with fan-favourite Tony Toro. A few seconds in, Calhoon delivered a devastating kick to Toro’s nether regions, with the ref calling for the bell and giving Toro the DQ win.

The Melbourne-based Filip Brothers (Tome & Stevie) also made their RCW debut, who shared their strong (albeit polarising) views on themselves and on Riot City Wrestling. They were soon interrupted by The Parea, who defended the honour of the great city of Adelaide, leading into their match.

While the Filip Bros. were able to take control for most of the match with divide-and-conquer tactics, Gabriel Aeros and Eli Theseus were able to hit one of the Filips with a back suplex/neck-breaker combination. Theseus then landed the Wog Splash for the win, with the duo and their manager Big Steen celebrating in the Riot City Wrestling ring, having defended the company’s honour.

UNWELCOME: Stevie Filip (right), after attacking the Parea’s Eli Theseus. (Source: Tom Mitchard, 2017)

Next, the Bruiserweights, with manager Jimmy C, faced the RCW Tag Team Champions, the Rude Ones, accompanied by Venus. Champion Bulldog took control early on, tripping Carlos Diaz over a sneaky Venus, before tagging in Marvel. However, both Diaz and partner Kurt Baron were able to deliver some hard-hitting offence, before Diaz missed a top-rope back senton. This allowed the champs to capitalise with the Mexecution, which only got a two-count.

Jimmy tried to interfere in the match, but received a huge slap from Venus, garnering a “You got bitch-slapped” chant from the raucous crowd. Following an argument between the two Bruiserweights, the Rude Ones were able to capitalise and pick up the win. Following the match, Baron and Diaz continued to argue, with Jimmy C pushing Diaz into Baron, who delivered a destructive Discus Clothesline to his (possibly) now-former partner.

Indi Hartwell then made her RCW debut, facing the hard-hitting Casey Johns in the penultimate match of the night. While Johns initially dominated the smaller Hartwell, Indi was able to hit her with a Flapjack. Casey soon regained control with a blatant choke using the ropes, as well as an Arn Anderson-style Spinebuster. Hartwell powered out of a double-arm wrench and hit a running neck-breaker for a two-count, but was caught off a top-rope cross-body, which was countered into a Electric Chair Drop, giving Casey the win.

Finally, the main event: the villainous Millennials entered first, with team ‘captain’ Dean Brady leading the charge, alongside Luke Santamaria and James Kray. While they looked fearsome as Davey Green made his walk down to the ringside area, they quickly lost their dominant look when the imposing Matt ‘Grimm’ Basso appeared beside him on the entrance ramp. Moments later, ‘World Class’ Chris Basso made his entrance, among cheers and chants of “Welcome back!”, and joined his teammates in the ring.

Green and Santamaria started off with a crisp opening sequence, before Grimm and Brady were tagged in. Brady received massive chops and a big scoop slam, and tagged in Kray. Chris then entered the match, performing some comedic criss-cross spots and a rolling cradle for a two-count. The Bassos and Green performed stereo Bionic Elbows to the Millennials, before delivering a three-on-two suplex.

‘LIKE A BROTHER’: Davey Green, speaking with the returning Chris Basso pre-match. (Source: Tom Mitchard, 2017)

The Millennials began to take charge again, focusing on the smaller Green, who suffered from a massive belly-to-belly suplex and a roundhouse kick from Kray. However, this led to a chain of finishing maneuvers from all sides, with Green taking advantage with a big superkick. Matt Basso delivered the Sparta Boot to Santamaria, followed by the Sega Mega Driver by Chris Basso, before Davey Green finished him off with the Shooting Star Press for the victory.

The three fan favourites celebrated and posed in the ring, before Chris Basso addressed the Riot City fans. While he does want to contend for championship gold, Chris has decided not to chase after his brother’s Heavyweight Championship, but to go after the Rude Ones’ Tag Team Championships, enlisting Davey Green as his partner.

Overall, this was quite a thrilling event; although no titles changed hands, there were some great debuts (and a very underwhelming one), a potential break-up,  the promise of a Women’s Title main event match-up, and the triumphant return of a “World Class” wrestler. Only time will tell how these all turn out, but it will surely be exciting.

Riot City Wrestling is an Adelaide-based wrestling company based in Wayville, which has been entertaining fans since 2006. Their next event will be Strength Cup on April 22 . You can check them out on their website, Facebook & Twitter.

Were you at MegaSlam 2017? What did you think of the event? Let us know below!


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